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Artistic approach

  Formally trained as a scientist, experimentation, exploration and problem-solving are inevitably at the heart of my creative process. I chose glass not only for its reputation of being very challenging to work with but also for its endless sculptural possibilities.


  Creating my work always entails a careful planning of all steps, from the design to the execution. But paradoxically, I eagerly expect the unexpected to happen, knowing that the heated glass takes a life of its own and often reveals unforeseen opportunities for further exciting exploration.


"A new beginning"

The diversity of my works bears witness to my natural curiosity.  But a closer look reveals their similarities. My art celebrates the beauty, strength, vulnerability and fragility of our diverse natural world. I am particularly drawn to represent in a familiar yet unexpected way the colorful organic forms and textures observed in my surroundings that resonate with me on either a visual or personal level. Ultimately, I use glass to invoke wonder, a past memory or a feeling of connection.

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