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A native of the Lanaudière region (QC, Canada), Lucie currently lives in Quebec City where she retired from her successful scientific career to become a full-time glass artist. Constantly looking out for intellectual challenges, she discovered the world of kiln-formed glass in 2014. She became passionate about this highly technical art form in which she can fully apply her analytical and problem-solving skills.

She has since studied with many internationally-renowned glass artists in the United States and Canada to perfect the art of using color, shape, multiple layers, chemical reactions and glass textures for creating interest, depth and complexity in her functional and non-functional artwork. Being a scientist at heart, it is like a second nature for Lucie to take any opportunity she can to experiment, explore, test and push the boundaries of her medium to find the best way to express her artistic voice. We find her artwork both in private collections and in galleries.

Lucie signs her creations under the pseudonym "Énora ".

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