Organic, natural stone-like kiln-formed glass pendants - ''Pebbles'' collection.

These haute-couture kiln-formed glass pendants are created using a technique inspired from the original concept developed by the glass artist Tanya Roy Veit. They are called ''Pebbles'' as they are reminiscent of gazing into a tide pool filled with pebbles, or walking along a cobblestone path. A lot of experimentation and manual work is packed into each of these unique glass creations! Indeed, they require multiple steps to create and are fired between 40 to 75 hours in the kiln. In addition, each one is shaped manually and cold worked extensively. Unlike the other glass pendants presented in my portfolio, these ones are based on chemical recipes. Thus, I can create new ones in similar tones (and a different shape) if you are interested. 

If a particular necklace catches your eye, please give me its model when you contact me to inquire about it.

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